Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

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Keep jellyfish professionally with the Medusa Desktop Aquarium.

Glass Aquarium Lid:

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This is the most innovative home jellyfish aquarium to date. The striking minimalist design complements these simple yet elegant creatures with ease.

The Medusa Desktop Aquarium lighting features a full colour LED remote controlled system to illuminate your jellies beautifully.

Hand built in the UK, each Medusa Desktop aquarium is designed with jellyfish in mind. The advanced laminar flow spray bar propels jellyfish gently passed the out-take that filters the water.

Medusa Jellyfish aquarium diagram

Filtration is hidden at the rear of the aquarium enclosed in a sump unit. Provided with the Medusa Desktop Aquarium is the filtration (Bioballs, floss foam mesh) and powerful yet silent Eheim 1000 powerhead. To control the flow output there is an easy access flow restrictor at the top of the aquarium.

Whats included with the Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium?

  • Medusa Desktop Aquarium
  • RGB LED colour changing lights
  • Eheim 1000 powerhead
  • Biological balls
  • Filter foam

Additional information


60 Litres


Clear cast acrylic


500mm (H) x 430mm (L) x 430mm (D)

Number of jellyfish

10 medium jellyfish

Glass Aquarium Lid

Yes, No


Mechanical, Biological


  1. I’ve just had my new tank and its amazing and really easy to set up i have different ones that look good but are not very practical but this one gets a big thumbs up from me
    Highly Recommended

  2. Beautiful tank! the design is absolutely amazing and leaves little room for error. As with any tank, be careful with feeding. Ammonia levels can be tricky, but do regular water testing to ensure that you have good quality water. Overall, the tank has been a joy!

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