Start Up Aquarium Water Treatment – Prodibio

Start Up Aquarium Water Treatment – Prodibio


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Start Up Your Aquarium Quickly!

Use Prodibio start up to quickly mature your aquarium water.

Why do I need to do this?

Aquarium water needs to be mature before you introduce any jellyfish.

Now you don’t need to wait for two weeks before introducing jellies.

– Fill your aquarium quickly, introduce jellyfish to the aquarium in only 12 hours!

Start Up includes two glass vials with the following contents:

  •  live bacterial strains
    nitrates and phosphates are reduced
    – enables water to be effectively purified
    – prevents the spread of algae
    – converts ammonia into nitrogen protecting your jellyfish.
  • Ammonia Removal
  • – traps and stops ammonia
  • – reduces nitrite production
    – prevents jellyfish from being shocked or killed

When should Start Up be used ?

  • A; When you start a saltwater aquarium.
  • Start Up enables you to quickly introduce jellyfish to your
    new aquarium:
    – Introduce jellies after 12 hours.

Two vials of Start Up Prodibio will condition 0-60 Litre aquariums.

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