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UK Jellyfish tanks are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Live jellyfish need special aquariums with curved edges and a constant water flow system. All jellyfish aquariums are delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK. The popular Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium is a great jellyfish tank for new jellyfish keepers so buy a jellyfish aquarium today and start keeping jellyfish!

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    Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano

    Perfect for beginner jellyfish keepersStylish Jellyfish aquarium with colour changing LED lighting with remote, silent air pump. Dimensions: 31cm tall x 20cm wide, Suitable for 1-3 JellyfishFast & Free UK Delivery
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    Medusa Jellyfish Aquarium with Jellyfish
    Medusa Jellyfish Aquarium

    Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

    Dimensions 500mm (H) x 430mm (L) x 430mm (D)Capacity: 60 Litres, 15 Jellyfish maximumGlass Aquarium Lid:Whats included?
    • Medusa Desktop Aquarium
    • LED colour changing lights remote controlled
    • Powerful Eheim 600 pump
    • Biological Filtration
    Fast and Free Delivery in the UK!
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    Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium
    Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium

    Medusa Aquarium – With Cabinet

    Capacity: 50 Litres, 10 maximum JellyfishWhats included?
    • Medusa aquarium
    • Custom acrylic tubing
    • Custom cabinet (Gloss white finish)
    • JBL external filter and pipe connectors
    • LED colour changing light with remote control
    Fast and Free Delivery in the UK!Glass Aquarium Lid:
  • Jellyfish Dome Aquarium
    Jellyfish Dome Aquarium

    The Dome Aquarium

    Unique and beautiful jellyfish aquarium.