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  • March 23, 2017 at 3:54 pm #15060

    Loooooooooads of you have this problem!

    Don’t panic!

    The technical term for inside out jellyfish is inversion. This is when your jellyfish is rejecting its surroundings and its cells have literally inverted to the opposite direction…

    I said… DON’T PANIC!

    There are three key reasons for inversion.

    1) Temperature:

    – Your jellyfish is likely too hot, reduce the temperature buy moving your jellyfish to a cooler area. Your jellyfish should swim happily at 18-20 degrees celsius (Moon jellies).

    2) Salinity:

    – Check your salinity. The closer you are to 25-30ppt they better for your backwards jellyfish!

    3) Ammonia / nitrates:

    – This sounds confusing but if your ammonia or nitrate levels are high this could cause inversion. To drop these levels feed your jellyfish less frequently, you could be over feeding! Do a partial water change with some premixed salt water.

    So there you go… DO NOT PANIC!

    Thanks Rory Fox, UK Jellyfish.

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